Hi, I’m Jenn,
An American photographer and artist with a coffee addiction and the human of a super awesome retired racer and rescued greyhound named Samson. I currently reside in Rock Hill, SC and work within the Carolinas and parts of Georgia. I love visiting and getting lost the mountains. I partake in many conventions along the east coast and prefer traveling by car or train.

Portrait photography has always been my favorite, I love making surreal and whimsical concepts come to life and these creations have found their way in books, magazines, and newspapers both domestic and international.

At present I am found working on a BioShock inspired cosplay as well as a Steampunk Joker cosplay for convention appearances and wicked photos. Patrons are welcome to make this series truly exceptional.  Signup and claim your patron gift.

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Commissions and Purchasing

Send all commissions and purchasing inquiries to: thejenniferhaggerty@gmail.com.

The 60 mph couch potato, Samson!


Born in 1988. I have been connected with art since a young age and fancy everything from texture and form to the light and spectrum of colors. It comforts me knowing that I will be a participant in creative invention until the moment I die.

Where are you from? Where have you been? I get these questions a lot so here’s the breakdown: I was born in the midwest, I grew up in the military and spent the majority of my young life in Germany. I’ve been to France, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, Ireland, Mexico, and across the United States… most of it, actually.