Lady Joker

Utilizing Photoshop and a dress from Jana of Backwoods Irene I brought forth an alternate rendition of the infamous DC villain to explore all, if any, feedback from the new take. The response was enormous and extremely positive!

Lady Joker is the epitome of the restrained Victorian woman who’s rope has long snapped and she hung herself from it.

Other alterations include that of Harley Quinn who instead of being a separate person is instead one of Lady Joker’s personalities. The one she needed to save her life when it was in physical jeopardy and thence hung around as her personal cheerleader and lover.

I hope to explore this character in greater depth time allotting.

DesignerBackwoodsIrene.comMakeup ArtistJennifer HaggertyHair StylistJennifer HaggertyModelJennifer HaggertyDate2016


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